Amphi Festival and Emmabodafestivalen.

Whats up?! Enjoying the summerfestivalmadness? I sure am! I have had some awesome times at belive it or not – two electro/industry/ebm festivals! Which proves that even a genuine metal head can get along with electroheads? The war is officially over.

First up was Amphi Festival in the city of Cologne in Germany.

Hats off to the good arangements. This was a lovely festival to visit, lots of beer stands, ok food, so much awesome merchandise and clothes so Im glad I didn’t bring more money, I would be homeless by the end of the month. Also they had real toilets and a totally awesome beach club, with nice bars, white sand and a great view over the Rhein and the gothic dome on the other side.

Amphi Festival Beach Club

Also and all the visitors where totally dressed up and beautiful (and also no one was annoyingly drunk)

(c) Timo Raab,
(C) Timo Raab

Well I can go on and on about this, so its best if I just share my best moments!

HAVANA CLUB!  Sweet stands with awesome drinks! Here I’m enjoying a Mojito and watching Eisbrecher infront of mainstage!

Last time I check t out Aesthetic Perfection was in Gothenburg. Wich also was cool, but here, they did a AWESOME show!

Photo, marquis(pi)X

Really good and refreshing start of our day. Here is a video we shot with Jarnos Iphone.


Photo, marquis(pi)X,

Next up was COMBICHRIST. This was freakin epic! Sweat, dance, animal costumes, Joe Letz mayhem; drums flying everywhere and also the power going out (?!) But the CC tweet next day said “Possibly the best show of all our lives. Thank you amphi. Thank you” Agreed.

Germany is cool btw. Would like to stay longer next time, I mean, check out this club ?! Not sure it was an active club though.. –>

Thanks Cologne!!!

So, Sweden earlier had a festival for this kind of electro scene called Arvikafestivalen, but not anymore. So this small town festival – Emmabodafestivalen this year tried to fill the empy spot in the electroheads hearts, and booked three great acts at all the same day. Hocico from Mexico, VNV NATION and COMBICHRIST. I hurried down and took some shoots for me and (thanks Rasmus) and also get the chance to shoot and see combichrist again, I just could NOT MISS IT! ( also, huge thanks to Elliot, you’re the man!)


– good show, not a lot of people. A bit weird to see him at this scenery, red shabby built scenes, with hippie banners on the sides and at the middle of the day.

But he did a good show and the audience that actually found there way over there, enjoyed it.

VNV NATION. Great light show, loots of more people – singing along. Thumbs up.



Same songs and set as at Amphi last week.

Seriously people…how one could not love this band, is beyond me. They are simply great! Everything about them, their music and their live show is epic. Checkitthefuckout!

All people NEED to see Combichrist live!



Check out all of my photos from Emmaboda here;


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