The Resistance

What’s up metalheads!? 

Actually I would prefer to wright this post in Swedish, but I know that many of my readers are English speakers, so this is for you people 😉 So, I got the opportunity to join the metal all-star band – The Resistance on their trip and show to Örebro at Metalsvenskan May 25th.

In Sweden people love to play soccer, and people also love to drink beer! And listen to metal!

So why not combine those things, and make a cool party out of it! So Metalsvenskan is a football tournament, the teams are musicians and people from the music industry. Some teams have recruited more professional players, and some is just playing around. Also some teams also have coolasss coaches for support. Very entertaining none the less!

So, I joined Jesper, Glenn and Claudio from the band Minora and also with us a sweet girl named Natalie, a relative to Glenn. It was Natalies first festival experience, what a awesome thing to get to do when being 14!

The Resistance was playing at Saturday, so in the morning we took off! Lots of stops during the road…

And who knew you could get lost in tiny  Örebro!? What’s up with the fucking ROADSIGNS Örebro!!!? During the trip I learned that Glenn is a, hmm how shall I put this… well he thinks that most of the people on the road are idiots, and let me just say, he is very funny when he gets aggravated. 😀 gotta love that shit.

Aslo learned that Jesper is no athlete, while trying to prove his skills in both running and push-ups. Pretty sure Claudio beat him in both 🙂 Later I also learned why Jesper always gets his very own room on tour;)

The Resistance is Marco Aro (ex-THE HAUNTED) Jesper Strömblad (ex-IN FLAMES, DIMENSION ZERO) Glenn Ljungström (ex-IN FLAMES, DIMENSION ZERO) Alex Losbäck Holstad (ex-DESPITE) Chris Barkensjö (ex-CARNAL FORGE) It’s absolutely amazing to see this talented group of guys together.

It’s very cool that despite their previous experiences and talent, they are very down to earth and humble dudes. So behind that badass hardcore surface, they are very sweet guys! But don’t tell anyone 😉

Hearing Jesper talk about this band, well what can I say. It’s a treat! There is a sense of calm and happiness, a sparkle of joy in his eyes. He is happy here. In some way he is standing on his own feet with this band, and of course this is very different compared to the well-oiled machine – In Flames. But with The Resistance it’s the real deal in a new kind of way… back to the basics. He smiles as he tells me in the tiny room backstage “…before I just snapped my fingers and I got a ride to the hotel or whatever I needed…and look at me now…but I don’t care. Because I really love the guys and I love this band”

The gig went really good, and there was a really cool crowd, with fellow musicians and friends from bands like Entombed, Amaranthe, Mustasch and Amon Amarth headbanging along with the crowd.

I was focused on getting some sweet picture of the guys, so can’t really tell you much more except that it was AWESOME of course!

The songs are simply songs that make you feel, with a similar style, energy and power like Hatebreed. I am looking forward to the debut album. Well I think the entire metal world is! Here u can listen see a clip from the gig. (… me in the left corner taking pics 😉 )

Next up for The Resistance is a festival gig in Germany called devilside, I suggest you check them out and join the facebook page for updates!

To do some kind of summary, it was a fucking blast hanging with The Resistance! For more pictures, go to my Facebook page or The Resistance page.

And soon coming up, METALTOWN! I’ll get you the inside scoop 😉

Horns up! 


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