Aesthetic Perfection

A very sunny and wonderful Tuesday evening in Gothenburg I was off check out the L.A based electronic industrial project called Aesthetic Perfection. They had been doing their “we love Scandinavia mini tour” and had been in Copenhagen the previous day. If you want to know more about them, check out their website!

I had a chat with the keyboard dude Elliot Berlin, because I was wondering why the hell they were playing at Henriksberg!? (Because the stage is very small you see)  As it turns out, he works at Henriksberg so therefore it was a quite natural choice when going to Sweden and playing. 

As I said, Henriksberg top floor , they have a very small stage and not much room in front of the stage! Which sucked for me, trying to take some OK shots of the guys. :/ However, it was totally awesome audience they sure have many dedicated fans out there, and there was alooot of people there to, very cool on a Tuesday night! I felt a bit alone in my rocker outfit jeans and stuff during the day, because it was so fucking hot outside!! But when I got there I realized that my jeans and tank top was nothing compared to the crowd which consisted of the traditional all black, military cap, perfect shirt and boots – people! Respect!

So, the show –  It was HOT! It’s not hard to tell that two of the guys are close connected to combichrist, because it’s a similar vibe at stage, energetic, frantic, explosive and … yeah, combichrist is one of the best live acts and aesthetic perfection is well on their way! The energy, the smoke, the beat and the screams! Gotta love that shit. Looking forward seeing them on a bigger stage, at Amphi Festival in Cologne this summer.

About the music, this is music that is way better live, with all the lights, and smoke and people dancing and feeling the beat in your body!

Lots of really cute stuff occurred – as if often does on a smaller venue haha! But small things like that is just a very charming I think. Like some problem with the drumkit, and they needed a drum key, asking the audience… : ) And apparently they had no water on stage! .. and as I said, it was extremely hot! Ah I felt so bad for them, well …there’s a chain reaction however when the singer calls out for a glass of water and the crowd starts yelling for it as well, some guys runs off to the bar to get water.. in a few seconds the bartender comes running in panic asking “someone passed out?!! “ thinking it was an emergency. Haha! I explained to him that I think I saw the monitor fell down on the water, and that they had no water on stage.

If my memory don’t fail me, I believe that the last song was the one I like the best – Spit it out, and after that one they did an extra song! Later on after the show most of the people left, which sucked for the poor DJ, but the band mingled among the fans remaining.

I love that the guys had fun and gave a warm and entertaining show. Looking forward on seeing them at Amphi in July!

And yeah! Almost forgot – for only paying 80 SEK about 8 Euro, the golden ticket that you got sent home and got to keep, is a really nice initiative! Thumps up E! 😉


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