ENGEL releaseparty!

Finally it was time for the ENGEL releaseparty for their new album Blood of Saints!

This party was extra cool for us who participated in the making of the video, who also took place at sticky fingers top floor. It very nice to see mr Kiggs (director) again and the other cool people from the video. Headbanging time at the opening song at the show– Question your place. Yeeah! (my neck hurts – but totally worth it)

So Blood of Saints! I haven’t bought the physical cd yet, which I’ll definitely be doing later this week, because it totally kicks ass! Awesome production, really heavy and  a just another great metal album from  ENGEL. I know  people complaining about the electronic parts, well, ENGEL to me, has always been a band with  influences from industry/electronic music. That’s one of the things that make them special from other melodic death metal bands. And regarding the “dub step” stuff….who the fuck cares?! It’s in one of the songs, I think it’s cool, but I know some people don’t. I recommend you to listen to the whole album. This is just simply awesome metal music.

In Sweden we have had some bullshit holiday this week, so people have been out partying – because we don’t have to go to work. So when we went out at Friday night there was like NO PEOPLE outside? What the hell? Sweden is boooring. Well first thought – Have  I  missed something? Damn, should have  watched the news today! Is there some apocalyptic storm coming? Or some kind of  invasion?  No! I figured it must have been because people had  been out partying at Thursday night .. and they are all hung over. Well I was ready and set at least 🙂

(and as a cool surprise the ENGEL album also got available at Spotify just before going out)

The show was GREAT! ENGEL totally made a great performance, was very nice to finally see them live. (It was acually my first time, seeing them live) Some complaints maby that there should have been more people there, and the sound was perhaps not perfect.

But who cares. I had a great time, and there was some really great moments during the show. Here is one, when Magnus did a little dance hahah. Cred to Daniel Falk for the capture. (and for all of the awesome live pictures in this post – http://www.framednoise.com/ )

Really cool also that Niklas Engelin also was playing  this night! (because he also plays in In Flames, as you might know)

So, ENGEL seemed happy, they did a short set, with a mix of song from their albums, but most from the new album, which makes perfect sense because that’s what the party was for so, yeeah! 🙂

Although I found a cool live clip from when they did “Sense the fire”,  from the party!

So people, check out Blood of Saints!!

Next week I’m going to a show at Henriksberg, getting you the inside scoop from the American industrial/electronic project Aesthetic Perfection.


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