The true sound of the underground

Sometimes I get sick of the typical death metal bands. Well, we do get a lot of them around here, kind of like the American hardcore/emo bands, there is one in every corner!

That’s why this blog is a celebration to the bands that somehow reach out, but in a different way. They somehow don’t get as much attention from the crowds, the media or the record companies, which is a real shame.

I like alternative music, because it is alternative music. It’s not mainstream music = music that all sound alike with no soul. I like metal because it speaks to my heart in a special way. It unites people and makes the listener feel empowered.

I’m sick of the record companies and fans and media for not giving the bands that actually stand out, that doesn’t sound like all the other stuff already out there – some more attention.

For me the risk is that the metal scene becomes dead and uninspired. I like varieties, not conformity.

These thoughts are mostly regarding the Swedish situation, although I can imagine it’s a similar situation also in other places. Dare to take a chance to something new!!

(This does not mean that I don’t like or respect other good quality music, I do. I listen to all kind of music, not just alternative and metal. I truly support every hard working artist out there regardless of the genre or “how underground” they are or not. It’s not an easy business and we all should walk the path that feels right for them.)

With that said. Here is what I think right now is the true sound of the underground, the finest of the metal scene in Gothenburg right now! That is Age of Woe, Minora and Watchworks.


photo by Daniel Falk - framednoise

Photo Daniel Falk –

Progressive and amtospheric metal, reminding me of A Perfect Circle, Tool, Katatonia. Well, according to spotify they are at the top of my most listend songs… 🙂 … enough said the whole album is great! They are entering IF Studios for their new album,working with producer Roberto Laghi. Also Jesper Strömblad  have been co-writing/making arrangements on the new songs and will also be present in the recording process. Frank Default known for his work with Katatonia’s latest album is going to help them with the electronic/atmospheric parts. I just neeeeed to say that I am really impressed with the vocals, awesome voice; he really is a great vocalist.

Check out the cool video. And do another video soon guys! 


Real heavy experimental metal, very cool and intense growl. They quick became NR 1 (!!) on the metal charts in Gothenburg on reverbnation. Very good! Check it out.

Age of Woe

A real talented and ambitious group of guys, creating their own sound evolving around the landscapes of punk and metal. For me perhaps not the style I normally listen to, but after having seen Age of Woe live, I was blown away!  Now I am a true believer! Most of the guys play in other bands to, and three of them acually fronts other bands – which shows. They have a unique intense approach live, and their energy translates to the audience. Very refreshing !  Age of Woe just got home from their European tour. I think great things are coming for these guys.

Check out their video!

Thats all for today, here is a picture of me live, horns up and headbanging fuzz of hair 😀 ..I’ll post some news regarding Ultimate Fate on facebook later on announcing the new guitarplayer 😉 Stay METAL!


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