Hello my lovely readers!!

Sorry I have been so busy lately, I also study at the university and work at a restaurant/hotel – Scandic, so sometimes I don’t have much time to blog between, work, studies and music.

Got some sweet news anyhow! At Saturday we are playing at BELSEPUB , Henriksberg – Gothenburg with Lapis lazuli and Akribi!

The good frekkin news is there will be two very talented guys there filming us during the day, and the show of course, if u can’t be there, at least u can look forward on seeing the some videos lateron!! Hell yeeah!

Planning some photo shoots to, just me and some with the band, and then we will introduce a new line up as well, so the promo pictures will be UPDATED. About time 😉

After the gig we will work very hard in the studio on the album that we are writing and recording atm. And of course we will do some video blogs from there for u all!

Not much more to say atm, I ll post again after the gig with some sweet photos and videos. Now Im on my way out to se some friends and my boyfriends band WEFRING! A bunch of talented musicians! 

Stay metal!!!

Video today, the awesome Lamb of god. Check out their new awesome album! The are one of my favourite bands, looking forward to this years Metaltown!


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