Blood of Saints

Whats up metalheads?!

Here in Gothenburg it’s a wonderful day warm and sunny, real spring vibe!

So the awesome guys in ENGEL is keeping up their awesomness! CHECK OUT Jimmys (the ENGEL drummer) video log where I asked him to create a drum kit from stuff in his home and play a song/beat ;D He did!! And want to see how Swedish rockers handles our VODKA -> -> Check it !! 

As you knooow, I participated in their latest video, you guys neeed to CHECK OUT the trailer, Here it is ! (Already like 8000 hits in like less than two days! )  The video will be freakin epic!!

[ Photo and video by Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson]

So, soon Ultimate Fate have a cool show coming up 31/3, at Henriksberg at the metal club Belsepub here in Gothenburg, and also Lapis Lazuli with the wonderful Frida Eurenius are joining us, and progressive band Akribi here from Ggb. BEE THERE!! And support us girls in metal scene ;D + you get to hang out with us and drink lots of beer 😉

Also a show in Stockholm is soon to be announced, (and some other)

Thank you all amazing people for your support for Ultimate Fate at JANGO radio! We were at the TOP air played for a few weeks there, thanks and all the wonderful comments! Makes me very happy 😀 Keep listening. ->

I promise more videos from UF camp, pictures and album details coming soon!

Stay metal!

Video today is a song from the amazing Draconian album, A Rose For the Apocalypse!


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