Engel and love

Love is in the air!

Today is Valentines day, here in Gothenburg the people was just about to get some spring vibes, when SNOW hit last night and it started to snow as crazy. Once again, I made a poor choice last day at the mall, not to buy a warm hat on sale, damnit!!

This weekend was REALLY awesome!! I participated in an ENGEL video shoot. It was lots of hard work (constant head banging, dancing, screaming, getting wet and sticky, and of course enjoying the new ENGEL sounds and drinking beer) Next day – bruises at my ribs from head banging in a corset all night (not recommended) and ace in neck and back… TOTALLY WORTH IT however, Crew and band was amazing and can’t wait to see the result.

Photos by Cherry Sander. ( http://facebook.com/cherrysander )

I’ll keep you updated!

For those of you never heard of ENGEL. Check them out. N O W!

Tomorrow we are doing some vocals in the studio with Ultimate Fate. It’s to try out some ideas for two new songs. Andreas will scream his ass of and I will be as happy as I always am when I’m recording. J Hopefully, I’ll upload a video if Ola can snap out of his sleepy air head mood and remember to bring the video camera. 😉

There are still no confirmed new members in UF, to replace Niklas and Jacob yet. (guitar and bass) We are however playing with two great guys right now, so will see how that turns out. Keep u all posted about it. You, who are attending our shows in Sweden, will see them live with us!

I’m happy to announce that the album is taking form in sound, style and all the ideas surrounding this process! If everything works out like we hope it will, I guarantee it will be mind blowing. And very fresh and exciting! I’m very happy about that. We have come up with some stuff and ideas that no other band out there is doing.  I’ll do my best and try to get u all some sneak peeks later on.

Hope you all had the best day and eat some sweeet stuff! I had vanillaicecream, fresh strawberries and some dark chocolate sprikled over it. Yumyum.

Lots of love to all of you!

VIDEO today is the Gothenburg band dEMOTIONAL, the video is done by Kristoffer Kiggs who is doing the ENGEL vid. They are a great bunch of talented guys, so check it out!


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