Tour, videos and the rise of women.

Hello my darlings!

There has been so much going on lately! I’ll tell you all about it, some now, some later on.. 😉

We  are working togheter with the swedish symphonic metal band Lapis Lazuli and together we are hitting the road and doing some shows!  (Not all dates and venues are set yet, so more details about this later!) However, it will be awesome!! 😀 Frida is a doll and I’m really looking forward playing togheter with them.

So we are playing at Belsepub here in Gothenburg. Also joining the line up is our friends in the progressive band – Akribi! It will be an kickass event!

Tickets here, or just pay in the door.

In a previous blog I asked if people wanted to see the acoustic gig we did opening  for Ravenscry this fall in Gothenburg. Andrea in Ravenscry was kind enough to videotape our performance.

I .. triiieeeed to edit the films togheter, but, yeah, I knooow it sucks!  😀 …But at least you get to see us playing 🙂 In the future the video logs will be more proffesional looking, I promise. (cuz I wont be doing the editing.. ) 😉

This was a hard gig for me, I had been sick all week with the flu – and as all singers and in genereal people who are sick, and try to speak or sing whatever.. it sounds like shit!  haha .. but the show must go on, so just did my best anyhow. 🙂

Here you are, enjoy!

Ultimate Fate  is working on new material/songs for the album,  but since Jacob and Nicke no longer is in the band, there are some challenges. We are trying out a new bass player, who will join us at Belsepub and Peter who did the previous shows is playing the guitar.

I’ll give you guys more updates asap!

Oh one more thing, I’m am doing a fun acoustic project, a sort of tribute project… 🙂 Can’t wait to show yall! ..but for now, we are keeping it to ourselfs.. I’ll let you in on more details lateron:D (This not related to UF)

Stay metal! /J


One thought on “Tour, videos and the rise of women.

  1. Okej.. får väl testa och lämna en kommentar hihi… Guu va bra livespelningen va! Retribution blev extragrym tycker jag 😉 Men OMG vilket fantastiskt slut Jennie.. jag fick mig ett gott skratt 😛

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