The winter wonders…

Christmas has been great actually! Me and my family have been to my grandmother’s house and enjoying the “holiday”..  Fun, but stressful to.

We are in the north part of Sweden, in the small town where I grew up in, I moved to the south part of Sweden (Gothenburg) when I was 16, cuz I wanted to go to music school and live in a bigger city (gbg)! Small towns suck bigtime. (Still do) Although I do love the nature up here.

So almost every Christmas we are here. At least there was some snow, (its not in GBG) so I we got our white Christmas after all. 😀

I got lots of great stuff! I do think the best one was from my brother, and it was a ticket to Gothenburg Winter Metal ! Hellyeah!  Can’t wait !  (Dark Tranquillity, The Unguided and Amaranthe)

I have been trying not do any band stuff, but I can’t help myself and there are some progress being made with collaboration with other bands and for the UF  tour this spring. Tell you guys more when it’s settled. 🙂

Also we are confirmed for an interview in a American radio show later in January, that will be fun!

I want to take this opportunity to give my warmest thank you’s to all the totally AMAZING people I have met and worked with this year. It’s been a great year for Ultimate Fate, but for me as an person and artist as well. I’m so grateful for the support and love from all of our fans!! You guys are the beeest!! 😀

Also in the “female fronted metal network” and all of my fellow artist- friends! Sincerely thank you for all of you help and support.

  ( I’ll probably forget someone! If I do, I’ll buy you a beer 😉  ) 

Peter Uvén/The Trip records, Carlos  Sepulveda/Belly of the Whale, Andy LaRocque/Sonic Train Studios.

Andy Flash, Oscar Peterson,Johan Bergqvist, Jarno Säkkinen and Peter Aldby! And also Peter at Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan, great place to play and party!;)

Andrea “Fagio” and Ravenscry!! ..and Roger Sjunneson/The Unguided, Mike Thaison of Seventribe, Jake/Amaranthe, Fabio from Serenity & Frida Eurenius, all of you rock! (Thanks for your wisdom)

Ravenheart Music, Sonic Chatedral,  Unleash the furiesSeeker of the Winterheart, RockinpaparazzoWorld of Glass and of course Bluefreya and Karl Lean! 😀

I/we could not do this without all of you.

Now I have lots of stuff to do here, we are going home to Gothenburg tomorrow. 🙂

Best christmas wishes and lots of love to all of you out there//Jennie

The video today is 2011’s greatest discovery for me, Ghost Brigade. Awesome. Love them. (Come to sweden! ? “#? We live neigbours ffs.. not that hard guys 😉 ) 


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