Hello world !

Have been really busy lately, lots to finish in school and lots of stuff to take care of before the holidays!

Well! Some cool Ultimate Fate stuff going on! Some reviews, interview and videos diarys soon coming! Not sure when, but before xmas I hope! Stay tuned and of course I’ll post them here! 🙂

Thats right! Almost forgot! The other day I received a sms saying that we were being played on the radio (Sveriges radio P4) !!

I checked it out and it turnes out that we are a contender on the toplist on the local artist on p4 Blekinge! (That’s where Ola and Niklas comes from) 🙂 So awesome!!  I love to see our pictures on press related stuff,its the best feeling!

So now you just go to this site and vote us – nr 6 so that they keep playing us on the chart and on the radio. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=3363  VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! 🙂

More metal on the radio!

Btw, here are some pictures from SINNET, the acustic gig we did with Oscar playing Piano and me singing (with the fluu .. ¤%)  Andrea from Ravenscry filmed us, not sure if u guys want me to share this with you? Let me know! Leave a comment or mail me at FB. Also we have the old demo songs from Ultimate Fate, been thinking about posting them, but im torn! Well.. 🙂 Or u just have to wait for the new awesome stuff 😉

Photos by J.Sakkinen – http://www.jarnosakkinen.com/

Stay metal!! //J

Video of the day is Seventribe – Dream me. They won last years Released, live and unsigned. Thank you Mike and the others for a great jäger party at Sticky Fingers last month 🙂


2 thoughts on “

    1. Cool! I’ll see If I can uppload some old song/songs this weekend maby 🙂 We are doing some recording tomorrow to 🙂
      haha! No not to many coughs in it lol 🙂 But I’m not so happy about it really cuz I want to sound awesome when I sing, not just OK 🙂 But I guess It can be fun to see/hear anyhow 🙂
      Thanks for comment and for reading my blog! Have a great day now! 😀

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