Just posting a quick one!

Well, today has been a typical stormy rainy autum day in Gothenburg, Lots of rain, wind, lots traffic on my way home and also I’m starting to feel really sick again. :[ Suxxs!!

Have having problems with fever, my lungs and throat since novemeber now..  GAH! …so tomorrow Im going to the doctor and hope they can see whats up and give me antibiotics or something! Hate feeling weak and not be able to do my best everyday. :/

Oh well! Some news about Ultimate Fate! Today we got some pictures from our gigs in nov… will post them here later – if I figure out how to.. lol  And some cool stuff coming up soon to, that I don’t want to reveal yet! But I’ll post the news later, just have to run them by our lovley friend Karl at Bluefreya first! 😀  http://www.bluefreya.com/wp/

And you know yesterday I told you I need to see DT live again! Well my wish came true, and also joining the lineup.. the hottest new bands in 2011 here from Gothenburg!! ;D OF COURSE I’m talking about “The Unguided” and “Amaranthe” !  I’ll be there ! http://www.profilrestauranger.se/tradgarn/evenemang/gbg-winter-metal/  😀

And both bands are acually nominated for newcomer of the year (or something like that) at Bandit Rock awards!! Check it out and cast your vote !  http://www.bandit.se/rockawards/vote

Roger and Richard are great guys! And Richard (screams) is out now on tour and replacing Andy in Amaranthe for some shows they are are doing in central Europe. If your a curious gurl like me, check out Richards blog here and read all about it 😉   – >  http://richardsjunnesson.blogg.se/

So to say goodnight I’ll leave you with the first Sonic Syndicate video (directed by the one and only Patric Ullaeus)

The Unguideds first video is not released yet. Also worth mentioning is that the lineup in the unguided is the same as in this video! .. except for Karin, it is Henric Carlsson ( from Lavette etc) on bass in the Unguided.  And the new unguided video is also directed by Patric. 🙂 According to revolver site it’s coming soon! I’ll sure it will be awesome. \m/  


Here is a crazy pic from Ultimate Fate show at VALAND!






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